My Hands-On Discmania P2 Putter Review

A purple Discmania P2 on a white background

Discmania P2: The Ultimate Putter for All Skill Levels

Intro: Unleash Your Inner Pro

Ever wished for a putter that bridges the gap between beginners and pros? The Discmania P2 is here to make that wish come true! This stable, slightly overstable disc is designed specifically for professional players but will prove useful for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Straight Flight and Excellent Stability

When it comes to the Discmania P2, its flight characteristics truly stand out.

Handles Wind Like a Champ

The Discmania P2 features a 2.0 / 3.0 / 0.0 / 1.0 flight rating, making it a stable putter well-suited for headwind throws and long approach shots. Its stability ensures predictable flight paths, even in challenging wind conditions.

Ideal for Putts & Approaches

Many players rave about the P2’s straight flight and versatility for both putting and approach shots. Only on putts over 20 feet, some have noticed the need to account for a tiny fade. As for off-the-tee and approach shots, point and shoot for a very straight flight and a gentle fade at the end.

Flight Characteristics in Different Scenarios

The P2 doesn’t shy away from a wide array of throwing styles and situations.

A grey Discmania P2 with a red stamp

Hyzers, Anhyzers and More

Thanks to its superb stability, the P2 can handle a wide variety of shots with ease. Whether you’re throwing hyzers, anhyzers, low or high shots, it performs consistently and delivers predictable results.

Long Distance Performance

For a putter, the P2’s ability to cover distances of around 280-300 feet with minimal fade is impressive. This makes it perfect for those straight tunnel shots or downhill throws where precision is key.

Plastic Grades and Feel

The Discmania P2 caters to different preferences with its range of plastic options.

D-Line and Others

The Discmania P2 is available in multiple plastic grades, including Basic (cheapest), Durable, Midgrade, and Premium. Players have praised the D-Line plastic for its affordability, firmness, and great feel, noting its similarities to the popular Innova Aviar.

Glow-in-the-Dark Capabilities

Some glow variations of the P2 exist, such as the Glow C-Line, making it a reliable option for evening or nighttime play. These versions enhance the disc golf experience by extending playtime into the twilight hours.

Comfortable Grip for a Deep Dish Putter

The P2 doesn’t compromise on comfort when it comes to grip.

Suitable for a Variety of Hand Sizes

The P2’s deep dish design and rounded rim provide a comfortable grip for players with larger hands while maintaining ease of use for those with smaller hands. The only downside reported is for those with very small hands, who might find the grip slightly challenging.

High Glide and Low Speed

With its low speed and high glide, the P2 enables smooth and confident putts both inside and outside the circle. Combined with its straightforward flight path and consistent fade, this disc is a top choice for putter enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Is the P2 for You?

In summary, the Discmania P2 is an excellent putter for disc golfers of all skill levels. It boasts a straight flight, impressive stability, and a comfortable grip. While it’s designed with professional players in mind, it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their putting game or those seeking a reliable approach disc.

However, if you have extremely small hands, you might find the grip slightly challenging – but don’t let that stop you from giving this top-rated putter a try!

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