Innova Firebird Review: Tame The Fiery Disc Golf Driver

Welcome, fellow disc golf lovers! Have you ever been intrigued by the Innova Firebird or wondered why this disc is so popular? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. After throwing more discs than I can count over my 13+ years of playing disc golf, I’ve learned that some truly stand out from the crowd, with this one being among them.

In this Innova Firebird review, I will provide an in-depth analysis, driven by personal experiences and customer reviews, to help you decide if this disc deserves a spot in your bag.

Peak behind the plastic curtain and discover what makes it flutter above and beyond. So buckle up, grab your disc bag, and dive into the Firebird world. Let’s see if it lives up to its glowing reputation!

How Champions Fly

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

These numbers paint an insightful picture of Firebird’s character in the air. Its speed rating 9 may not be record-breaking, but it offers a controlled, accurate flight.

The glide score 3 is perfect for finesse and control—not maximal distance. Its controlled glide is an asset in windy scenarios or tight corners.

With a turn rating of 0, the disc retains its path, resisting the urge to veer right during high-speed portions of the flight (for right-hand backhand throws). You can trust this to hold its ground, even in strong winds.

Lastly, the standout fade of 4 signifies strong, consistent left finishes at the end of the flight, providing precision and predictability. This feature makes it exceptional for crafting reliable left-turning shots.

Across the board, these ratings affirm Firebird as a dependable disc. Whether you’re facing the wind, maneuvering dogleg lefts, or mastering hyzers, this is an invaluable performer under virtually any conditions.

Master Your Throw With The Ultimate Plastic

Innova Glow Champion Firebird Zackeriath Johnson Edition with Red Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

Firebird’s physical specifications contribute greatly to its performance. Its diameter is standard, affording most players familiarity and a firm grip.

Its height is on the lower side of average, which might reduce air resistance for a faster, smoother flight. The rim depth and width veer more substantially, providing extra grip security, especially for those with larger hands.

Its flight and physical features make it a reliable, comfortable, and impressive performer. This great disc also comes in various molds such as Champion plastic, DX plastic, Star, and so much more.

Great For Pros And Novices Alike

Innova Glow Champion Firebird Andrew Marwede Edition with Red Stamp

The Firebird is an overstable disc that new players should try. With its high-speed rating and hefty fade, it seems intimidating initially, but trust me, it’s a disc that caters to each player’s unique style.

It’s well-renowned for its dependable turn at the end, making it an excellent choice for throwing long range flex shots, navigating headwinds, or mastering the forehand drive. Many users have emphasized its predictability, stating how it delivers with every throw.

It also seems to be a hit with forehand players. Its ability to combat crosswinds effectively makes it a favorite in windy conditions. It is also the perfect disc to bridge the gap between midrange and control drivers, helping them improve angle control with flex plays and doglegs.

The narrative around this disc conveys a clear message: This disc is a dependable, high-performing tool for skilled pros, but it also functions wonderfully as an accessible weapon for beginners. Be prepared to be amazed by how efficiently it can open up new possibilities on the course.

An Excellent Overstable Performer

The Firebird’s calling card lies in its overstable nature and massive hook. Dealing with strong headwinds? Need a reliable disc for your forehand drive? Want tight, accurate flexes? Look no further. This disc has got you covered.

It excels in specific scenarios as a disc designed for optimal control and predictability. Let’s break this down:

Headwind Drives

Its innate stability allows it to sail through headwinds with ease. They call it a wind-fighter for nothing. It has the speed of a distance driver with all the control you need for those upwind battles.

Skip Shots

With its prominently fading finish and low glide, it can brilliantly execute skip shots that wiggle their way closer to the target. Perfect when the direct line to the basket is blocked.

Hyzer Throws

This is a pro at navigating those tricky dogleg turns. Simply throw it high and right, watch it glide, and then rely on its massive fade to bring it back left toward the target.

The best part? It’s a favorite of sidearm and overhead throwers, making it versatile. This has a knack for making what appears to be complicated shots look easy, whether they’re throwing long-range flexes, hooking around corners, or simply looking for a stable, reliable flight.

Similar Discs

Discraft Predator

The Predator is hailed as Discraft’s answer to Innova’s Firebird. It is a popular overstable disc with a reputation for delivering similar reliable fades while contending with tough winds. You might enjoy the Predator’s dependable stability and comparable flight numbers if you want an alternative.

Infinite Discs Scepter

One reviewer touched on the Scepter, noting its similarities to the Firebird in backhand throws but with a better handle on overhand throws. The Scepter might be worthwhile if you love a good tomahawk or thumber.

Of course, individual comfort with a disc is an important factor, so it’s always a good idea to try both and pick your preferred soldier.

Dynamic Discs Felon

This one is known for its strong fade, much like our Firebird. However, it is touted as slightly less overstable, allowing it to extend its flight slightly.

The Felon might be an excellent choice if you’re a big fan of the latter but seek a smaller distance from your overstable drives.

While these other discs may share certain characteristics, remember: the Firebird’s blend of speed, stability, and predictability makes it unique. Its reputation amongst disc golfers and its application in various settings underscore its singular status.

However, golfers are as varied as the discs they throw so these alternatives may work better for some players. Always test and see what works best for you and your game style!

Innova Firebird Review: Final Thoughts

After having a closer look at the Firebird, it’s crystal clear why it holds a much-revered place in many players’ bags. This disc offers excellent stability, control, and predictability, catering to beginners and seasoned professionals.

The disc’s overstability may require an adjustment period for beginners. Still, the learning curve translates into elevated gameplay as players become acquainted with its reliable flight pattern and versatile use.


  • High-speed and substantial fade for powerful, controlled shots
  • Ideal for cutting through the wind
  • Reliable flight, perfect for flex shots, skip shots, and hyzer throws
  • Highly recommended for forehand throws


  • Might be intimidating for some beginners due to its overstable nature
  • Overstable nature may limit distance

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