Innova Pig Review: Best Disc Golf Putter to Up Your Game

Ever wondered why the Innova Pig keeps hogging the limelight in disc golf discussions? Welcome to my Innova Pig review, where I’ll dive into what makes this disc unique.

As someone who’s spent over 13 years playing and reviewing disc golf products, I aim to share my honest insights and experience to help you make informed decisions. And trust me when I say the Innova Pig deserves attention.

A good putter can revolutionize your game. If you want to add precision, control, and dependability to your putts and approaches, stay with me while I take you through an in-depth look at what the Innova Pig offers. Let’s dive in!

Wild Precision

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 1
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Innova Pig is a disc that, as its flight numbers suggest, is built for control. This is a “pet pig” — slow and predictable, not a wild boar out for rampaging long flights. With a speed of 4, you’re not going to get much distance out of this disc, but that’s not what it’s made for.

How the Pig shines is its near-zero glide (1) and significant fade (3). The low glide means the Pig doesn’t like staying in the air too long — it drops quickly and settles quickly. This makes it great for shots where you don’t want the disc to drift or glide off course.

A Closer Look

An Innova Pro Pig Ricky Wysocki Tour Series with Rainbow Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2.10 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.40 cm

The Pig’s diameter is just over 21 cm, and stands at a 2.10 cm height. I found this size quite comfortable, allowing me to get a firm grip on the disc before each throw.

Its most intriguing measurement is the rim: the rim depth and width are 1.40 cm. This results in a thick, blunt rim, contributing immensely to the disc’s steady flight pattern. You should know, though, that if you’re used to discs with sharper rims, this one will take some time getting used to. But in my opinion, it’s worth the slight learning curve.

Now, let’s dive a bit into the material. This disc is often sold in durable R-Pro plastic, known for its excellent grip, even in wet conditions. It’s a softer plastic that wears in nicely over time, but don’t worry—the R-Pro Pig remains just as dependable.

Is It The Disc For Your Game?

Now, let’s talk about who the Innova Pig suits best. From my experience and other players’ reviews, it’s pretty clear that this is a disc appreciated at all skill levels. So, if you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you can likely find a pal in this little piggy.

As an overstable putter with an exceptional feel, the Pig is perfect for working on your short game. Its predictability, especially under wind conditions, makes it a great approach disc that can save you strokes by getting you close to the basket.

That being said, with its overstable nature and unique grip, it’s perhaps not the first disc a complete novice should pick up, but it definitely won’t be long before it becomes a valued part of your game.

Now, I have heard from some skeptics out there—mostly about its unique Thumtrac Rim. I’ll admit; it felt strange to my hand at first, too, but now? I can’t imagine an approach game without it. Whether you’re going for a backhand or sidearm shot, it gives a reassuringly solid grip.

Another thing that needs mentioning is its overstable flight. Typically, overstable discs might not be the usual recommendation for new throwers. However, the Pig’s low speed and predictable fade make it an exception to this rule. It’s fantastic for learning to shape your shots, especially if you’re trying to get your head around how to throw hyzer lines.

Rooted In Versatility

The Innova Pig, as its name might suggest, excels at staying in the lane, no matter what distractions – windy rounds, trees, or those tricky, uneven field conditions – try to divert its path. Here are a few shot types where the Pig shines:

Hyzer Putts

The low glide and significant fade mean the Pig is great for hyzer putts and throwing into headwinds, hooking around obstacles, or even just compensating for a steep putting angle. No putt is a lost cause with this stubborn little disc.

Sidearm Approach Shots

The Pig’s Thumtrac Rim offers a superior grip, translating into more control and precision on your sidearm shots, making it my go-to disc for getting close to the basket on a tricky approach.

Backhand Spike

If your shot requires a sudden drop, the Pig has got you covered. Its low glide means it doesn’t hang around in the air and drops quickly, making it ideal for executing backhand spike shots with precision.

So, whether you’re looking for a disc to tackle those complex shots or upgrade your forehand approach shots, the Innova Pig is your trusty companion that delivers reliable, ruler-straight throws when needed. There’s a reason why it’s one of Innova’s best disc golf discs.

Comparable Putt And Approach Discs

Clash Discs Mint

The Mint by Clash Discs shares some similarities with the Pig. It’s another one of those discs that won’t take you the distance but excels in precise throws. While it doesn’t have the unique Thumtrac Rim, it offers solid stability that many players appreciate.

Discraft Zone

The Discraft Zone is a comparable overstable putter. Like the Pig, the Zone is known for its consistent, accurate flights. It offers a similar level of control, making it beloved among players for approach shots. However, it features a different grip and doesn’t share the Pig’s low glide.

Discmania Tactic

The Tactic by Discmania shares some traits with the Innova Pig, particularly the overstable nature that helps nail those precise shots. However, the Tactic tends to have greater speed and glide, offering a slightly different flight pattern. If you prefer a disc that stays longer in the air, you might want to look towards the Tactic.

Innova Pig In Review

A Pink Innova Pro Pig Factory with Silver Stamp

The Innova Pig disc golf disc is a beadless putter that prioritizes control, precision, and reliability over distance. This disc can be a game-changer for players of all skill levels once they get familiar with its unique feel and grip. However, absolute beginners might initially find it a bit challenging due to its overstable nature.


  • Remarkable control and precision in throws
  • Stable and predictable, especially in windy conditions
  • Unique Thumtrac Rim allows for a secure grip
  • Low glide makes it excellent for approach shots and ‘drop and stop’ putts


  • Not for players seeking distance throws
  • Unique grip may be off-putting for some until they get used to it

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