Innova Wraith Distance Driver Review: Ultimate Power Disc

Over a decade spent tossing discs across countless courses has made me no stranger to the blend of precision, power, and patience disc golf demands. When it comes to distance drivers, few have consistently performed for me, like the Innova Wraith.

A mainstay in my bag for years, the Wraith is a powerful mix of speed, glide, and stability. It’s an incredibly adaptable disc that isn’t just beneficial for pros but also for those just dipping their toes into the vast sea of disc golf.

Ready to discover how this legendary disc can transform your game? Let’s dive right in!

Orange/Black Innova Halo Glow Wraith (HALO-ween) with Purple Stamp

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 3

The Wraith is no slouch in the speed department, boasting a speed rating of 11. This suggests a fast and long-distance capable disc, perfect for maximum drive yardage. The glide of 5 means that the disc is designed to stay airborne longer, allowing the thrower to achieve even more distance.

Regarding stability, the turn rating of -1 indicates a slight tendency for the disc to curve to the right when first thrown (for right-handed, backhand throws), making it more forgiving for beginners. But with a fade of 3, this disc will have a strong, predictable finish to the left, ensuring that it’s not likely to venture too far off course even with its initial turn.

The balance between speed, glide, and stability makes the Wraith an ideal pick for players aiming to get more distance on their drives with a reliably stable finish. This can provide a comforting level of predictability on the course — leading to boosted confidence and, ultimately, lower scores.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Innova Wraith holds standard dimensions, with a diameter of 21.10 cm. This size makes the disc comfortable to grip on most hands, optimizing the throwing experience.

The height of the disc is measured at a moderate 1.40 cm, providing it with a slim profile that complements its speed while ensuring easy handling.

The Wraith has a rim depth of 1.20 cm and a rim width of 2.10 cm. A deeper rim can offer more control, especially for those with larger hands, while the wide rim contributes to the disc’s impressive speed and allows for further drives. However, the wide rim may be daunting for beginners or those with smaller hands.

Overall, the Wraith holds its own against other distance drivers in its class, offering a pleasing blend of performance-focused design and ergonomic comfort. It truly demonstrates Innova’s dedication to crafting discs catering to various players and playing styles.

Elevate Your Disc Golf Game

The Innova Wraith is an accessible distance driver coveted by players ranging from beginners to seasoned pros. Its balanced flight attributes and accommodating design make it a versatile option that adapts to various skill levels and throwing techniques.

This disc provides a satisfying distance for beginners warming up to using distance drivers and seasoned players. That said, newer players anticipating an immediate upgrade in their game might want to take it slow. The Wraith’s speed can make it slightly challenging for a raw beginner.

As your skills evolve, the Wraith proves extraordinarily adaptable. It provides robust wind performance and excels in backhand and forehand throws, adding to its diverse appeal.

To summarize, the Wraith is a disc that grows with you. As you build up your power and precision, the Wraith responds in kind, delivering increasingly impressive distances and remaining a constant, reliable feature in your disc golf bag.

Driving Excellence

White Innova Team Champion Series Nathan Queen Wraith Blue Stamp

The Innova Wraith primarily plays the role of a reliable distance driver. Its speed, glide, and stability marry together to offer substantial distance with surprising control. Disc golfers rely on the Wraith to tackle various wind conditions thanks to its dependable stability. Here are some shot types the Wraith can perfectly handle:

Open Field Distance Shots

When there’s a lot of space to cover, the Wraith’s speed and glide can catapult your throw across the field. It’s excellent at maintaining its line even at long distances, and the stable end-fade ensures your throw lands as planned.

Controlled Hyzer Flips

The Wraith’s balance of turn and fade makes it work exceptionally well for controlled hyzer flips. From the initial turn to the predictable fading finish, every element of the Wraith’s flight is designed to provide an optimum hyzer flip experience.

Forehand/Sidearm Throws

Thanks to its speed and stability, many players find the Wraith excellent for forehand throws.

Whether you’re playing in wooded courses or open fields, mastering forearms or backhands, the Wraith offers a superb level of versatility and consistency that can significantly enhance your performance across various terrains and conditions.

Comparable Distance Drivers

Picking the right disc can always be tricky, especially when many options exist. Below, I’ve discussed a few discs similar to the Wraith to give you a broader context.

AGL Discs Cedar

Like the Wraith, the AGL Discs Cedar is a high-speed and stable distance driver. However, it is slightly more demanding in terms of skill level, requiring a stronger arm. The Cedar can be less forgiving of mistakes than the Wraith, but it offers impressive distance and consistency when mastered.

Discraft Surge

Discraft’s Surge has a similar flight profile to the Wraith, albeit with a tad less speed. If you’re looking for a disc that offers a similar blend of distance and stability but with an easier speed requirement, the Surge might emerge as a compelling alternative to the Wraith.

Axiom Defy

The Axiom Defy is another high-speed distance driver with an overstability reminiscent of the Wraith’s. It’s slightly faster and flaunts a hefty fade, making for a fantastic disc when you need to ensure a solid finish to the left.

Innova Wraith In Review

Teal/Green Innova Halo Wraith with Teal Stamp

The Innova Wraith is a remarkable distance driver with a broad appeal. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned disc golf enthusiast, the Wraith delivers an enjoyable blend of speed, glide, and stability that can accommodate an array of player skills and throwing styles.


  • Versatile and impressive distance
  • Stable and reliable under various wind conditions
  • Consistency in both backhand and forehand throws
  • Excellent disc for controlled hyzer flips and open-field distance shots.


  • Speed could be a bit daunting for beginners
  • Wide rim may be challenging for players with smaller hands

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